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About Us

Caring for our patients is our passion.

Shalby Homecare is an integral part of Shalby Multi-Specialty Hospitals, with expertise in handling specialized healthcare for over Three Decades.
Our Professional home healthcare services allows quick and convenient recovery within the comfort of one’s home.
From nursing at home to elderly care, physiotherapists, medical tests, and much more, Shalby Homecare delivers the basket of compassionate & best healthcare services at home.

Shalby Homecare has spread it’s wing in 40+ cities of India catering majority of Post discharge patients, Elderly care, Specialized care patients including International patients those who come for their treatment in India across various age of group at the comfort of their home and Hospice.


To make available primary healthcare services within the comfort of patient homes and help communities with expert healthcare.


To make the customer and home comfortable with primary healthcare services of highest quality.

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